North of the Border is a personal photographic project documenting one of the most historic years in Scotland's history. The year 2014 in Scotland will be remembered as the year of #indyref. 

The Independence Referendum dominated news headlines and conversation throughout the 2 year campaign leading up to the vote on September 18th 2014.

Having grown up in England as part of a Scottish family I found the whole debate a fascinating prospect. Having lived outside of the British Isles for over 12 years I was able to view events almost as an outsider looking in on this carnival of democracy. 

Throughout 2014 I made a series of trips from my home in Germany to document events throughout Scotland and then spent the final month before the vote travelling across the country capturing the campaign as it unfolded.

My aim was to concentrate on the people, to focus and capture the incredible energy, humour and friendliness of the campaigners on both sides of the debate. I wanted to take a look at both the traditional side of Scottish life, the tartan and pipes of the tourist industry so to speak, as well as the political meetings, the staged propaganda events such as Armed Forces day, national events such as the Commonwealth Games and normal everyday life on the streets of Scotland.

All images © 2013-2014 Kevin Robert Mitchell